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Educational Needs of Kids in Care

Child welfare and education professionals are independently and universally mandated to work in the best interests of children. Yet, despite the fact that collaboration is unequivocally endorsed as “best practice” for working with youth (Darlington & Feeney, 2008, p. 195), it has not yet emerged as an intuitive approach to practice for educators and child welfare workers, nor is it instituted in policies, practices, and structures.

Given that both professions share collective responsibility for children in care, facilitating an inter-professional focus and dialogue around the needs of children in care can highlight a greater understanding of the value of working collaboratively, with a view toward improving children’s educational experiences.


The objective of this national forum is to bring together an inter-professional group of researchers, academics, and practicing practitioners to highlight current research and works in progress on the policy, practices, and programs related to educational experiences and outcomes of children in care of child welfare systems.

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